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Supply the Love: Kenya


Supply the Love: Kenya

In 2017 we launched Supply the Love! We supply the camera and film and you supply the love.  We would love to have you be an ambassador of Print the Love! If you are traveling to an under-resourced community anywhere on the globe in the next year and would like to participate in spreading random photo kindness to the local people, lets chat! Together we can make a difference! Application is online.

The Supply the Love program is 100% supported by donors. If you are not travelling, you can still donate funds towards the camera and film for those who are.

As part of the program, we ask that ambassadors write a short description of their experience. All the words are their own.

Allison in Kenya

Our journey in to rural Kenya was exciting, challenging, tiring and inspiring. Over the course of our stay at Daylight Center and School in Kapenguria, Kenya we worked in classrooms, made reusable sanitary pads, lead after school games and were able to take (and give) 100 Polaroids to our Kenyan partners. The Polaroids we shot captured our partnership with the teachers and staff - of us working together in the classroom, of us playing together on the field and of us just being together in fun afternoon photo shoot. Being able to do fun photos with our new friends and give a print was a positive enhancement to the work we did together at the school.

Thank you to Print The Love for creating and providing this kind of opportunity!


Teachers posing Kenya

Teachers posing as we took a photo of them with the Polaroid. This was at the end of an especially meaningful co-lead church service and having the Polaroid involved at the end when we all had our cameras and phone cameras out was an incredible addition.

Changing the film Kenya

Changing out the film! We were having so much fun snapping photos - I think we did two and half cartridges just that afternoon! Even the most reserved of us were having a great time laughing, posing and shooting photos!


Former headmaster Kenya

James, the former Headmaster of the school came by to visit, travelling quite a distance to be there. My daughter and I (in the photo with James) have worked with him on previous visits so it felt particularly meaningful to have a photo taken with him that we all shared. He was excited to go home and show his wife who he had travelled to see.

Afternoon photo shoot!! There’s something special about the energy that develops when a bunch of people are just having spontaneous fun - no agenda and no plan. This was one of the days where we all connected through a common joy in posing and laughing together.