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Ceallaigh Anderson Smart - Founder/ Executive Director 

Ceallaigh (pronounced Kelly) has worked in nonprofits for over 15 years in sectors including fundraising, consultant, programming, higher education, event planning, international travel logistics, and administration. In addition to her volunteering at Print the Love, Ceallaigh is a Development Manager at a local nonprofit that serves the elderly. With a background and education in Arts Administration from St. Mary's University (MA), Experiential/Adventure Education and Art Therapy from Prescott College (BA), and Colorado Outward Bound Alum, Ceallaigh is a great leader for Print the Love. She is passionate about running, the arts, the outdoors, social justice, fighting for the oppressed, crushing the patriarchy, and organic farming. Ceallaigh lives in Minneapolis with her husband, puppy, and two future philanthropists.

If you are interested in having Ceallaigh speak at your school, nonprofit, or event, email her at

Internship Staff

Madison Krings - Media Relations Specialist - Maddy is an energetic young woman and has great passion for bringing joy to people worldwide. Maddy is excited to have such an amazing opportunity to make a positive impact on people's lives!

Sarah Fowler - Social Media Specialist - Sarah is an artist and avid traveler who believes that small acts of kindness can change the world. Sarah is excited to help Print the Love spread love across the globe!

Justin  Bailey - Digital Content Coordinator - Justin recently graduated valedictorian of his class from IPR - College of Creative Arts & has a lifelong passion for music & the arts. He looks forward to contributing to Print The Love's amazing efforts to spread love!

Board of Directors

Ceallaigh Anderson Smart - Chair -  "I am passionate about supporting Print the Love because… the act of giving a photo is so simple yet extremely profound, not only for the recipient and also for the giver.  Spreading love and telling another that they matter doesn't have to be complicated."

Dan Vercruysse - Secretary -  "I am passionate about supporting Print the Love because... the fundamental human need to be recognized and valued as an individual with their own unique story can at times feel like it is being forgotten in today's world. The important work that Print the love engages in keeps this notion alive and well in the places that need it the most."

Mab Nulty - Treasurer - "I am passionate about supporting Print the Love because... the gift of an instant photo is a beautiful spark of service and love that has positive rippling effects for giver, recipient and others."

Erin Rupe  - "I am passionate about supporting Print the Love because... the very heart of our mission is simple generosity that honors a person, a memory and a moment."

Stephen Smart - "I am passionate about supporting Print the Love because… as a photographer I appreciate photos and what they capture, but as a PTL participant, I’ve seen how having a photograph for the first time is so impactful to every recipient—so much happiness is expressed!" 

Krystal Cooper - "I am passionate about supporting Print the Love because... I saw firsthand the value of a photograph when I served with the Peace Corps in Rwanda and neighbors shared photos of loved ones they had lost in the genocide. Life is such a fragile thing but with a photo you capture at least one shimmering moment of it."

Josh Olson - "I am passionate about supporting Print the Love because... photography has always been a part of my life. So much so that it's hard to fathom a life without it. However, the reality is that countless people may never experience a photograph of themselves, their family, or friends. I cherish photographs dearly, and look to share this love with others."