Print the Love gives away instant photos to those who do not have access to these unique treasures.

Travelling is always an adventure and this trip was no exception! Our team of 3 women - Erica, Madison, and Ceallaigh trekked all over Bolivia spreading photo love for 12 days! We have included some highlights here. We have SO many wonderful stories and memories that we would love to share with you! If you are interested in hearing more (because you are headed to Bolivia yourself and want some advice, interested in our work or going on a Print the Love trip, or something else!) let's set up a coffee date! In person or virtual! Email Ceallaigh at

Bolivia Trip Highlights:

  • Bolivia is an incredible country with immense beauty! Both in its people, culture, and natural landscape. 
  • We gave away over 1500 photos to all ages! The joy of giving away photos is profound - both for the giver and the receiver. 
  • This is the first trip we included protectors with each photo, thanks to UltraPro! So that the photos can last for generations!
  • In addition to the photos, we gave over 500 custom note cards to school children made by elementary students from Minnesota with the message, "You matter!" written in Spanish. 
  • We stayed in 5 different cities all over Bolivia at various altitudes (15k - 6k high) - Carmen Pampa, La Paz, Uyuni, Cochabamba, and Oruro. We stayed at a college, hotel, hostel, artist home/hobby farm (our favorite! A must-stay!), and an Airbnb. We meet such wonderful people and hosts and recommend all the places we stayed! We have linked them all here. 
  • We traveled in dozens and dozens of taxis, survived death road (yikes! not for the faint of heart), flew in 7 airplanes, hiked and drove over the Andes mountains and watched stars at the Salt flats (a must do if you are visiting Bolivia!). 
  • We ate llama for the first time and had lots of Coco tea to combat altitude sickness. 
  • We gave away photos to rural communities (hiking through the jungle), college dorms, city markets, a nursing home, a orphanage, and many many schools.
  • Our translators were awesome! They contributed to our mission is remarkable ways and participated in giving away photos. Thank you Felix, Nora, Alex, and Graciela!
  • And a HUGE thank you to all our amazing donors who helped make this trip happen!