We had an amazing time at our 1st Annual Random Kindness Relay! We had so much fun love bombing the uptown area and spreading some ripples of compassion out into the world! A HUGE thank you to the Awesome Foundation for helping make this happen!

We delivered plants to a nearby nursing home, gave out flowers, wrote notes of encouragement on the sidewalk, placed kindness post-it notes everywhere, hid money, painted and placed kindness rocks, wrote cards to kids in Cambodia, picked up trash, gave out dog treats, left baby wipes for parents in a crunch, gave high fives and hugs, posted free compliments posters, hid bookmarks in the free library books, called our moms, and more!

If you would like to host your own Kindness Relay in your neighborhood or community, we will send you a PDF full of ideas when you donate $5 to Print the Love for a family to get a photograph!

Lastly, thank you to Emily Woodward who made an incredible ripple photo backdrop out of tissue paper and to Josh Olson for taking beautiful photographs of the event. Also, thank you to the board and interns of Print the Love for all their hard work! And thank you to Lara at Anahata Collaborative for hosting us in such an amazing space!

We also want to thank our other in-kind donors: 

We hope you will join us in 2019!