If you are new to the Print the Love family, welcome! We are so excited that you are here with us!


On November 13th, World Kindness Day, my husband, Stephen, Media Relations Intern, Madison, and I were invited to come in for an interview at the CBS local news studio in Minneapolis by reporter Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield. A HUGE thank you to Susan-Elizabeth and her camerawoman, Melissa! They were both awesome and did a wonderful job with the story and sharing the mission of Print the Love!

As you can imagine we were ecstatic to get the interview for our little but growing nonprofit. A day I will never forget, so I decide to jot down a few thoughts about it. 

3 Truths I was Reminded of by Doing this Interview

1. Keep Going
I have been working on Print the Love a lot over the last few years. As a full-time working mom, I usually work on it after the kids go to bed or on my lunch break. Most of it has been extremely rewarding but there have also been days that it has been lonely and exhausting. Days I questioned, should I keep going with this? And each time that thought crossed my mind, I just kept saying "yes". "Just keep going and be patient," I would tell myself. Slowly, day by day, it has grown. Incredible people have come in to help and then suddenly I have to pinch myself that I am on TV for something I love and am proud to be a part of! There is still so much more work to do and new heights for Print the Love to reach and I am just going to keep going until I know it is time to be done. If you have a specific dream, a goal, a vision, just keep going. Day by day, you be you, ask for help, be kind to yourself, and you will get there! I promise!

2. Be Kind to Yourself
Even though I talk a lot about self-care with the Print the Love community, I still need to be reminded of it myself. My initial reaction is always to judge my appearance - especially on a TV spot! I don't like my hair. I hate my makeup. I should have worn another shirt. Ultimately just noise in my head that stops me from moving forward. In the past I would of laid awake at night worrying about what people think of me. Something I can't control. But this time I am choosing to let it go. How I look doesn't say anything about the work we do. If you need this reminder too, let's both work on being better human beings and not worrying about the outside package.

3. You Live and You Learn
I rarely go on a show like this, like never, and I was quite nervous. Did I forget the camera I brought in the car and have to run 3 blocks to go back to get it in the middle of the interview. Yep! Did I forget film at home? Yep! Did I forget to say things in the interview? Yep! But you live and learn and I will be more prepared next time. If you have made a few mistakes recently too, no worries. There is always next time!