“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” 
― Marcel Proust

When I’m struggling with something - work, a personal relationship, or just having a bad day, I often reach out to my mom for support. At the end of each conversation she always says: “count your blessings, you have a lot to be grateful for.” You know what? She’s absolutely RIGHT! After I take a minute to think about my blessings in life, I always feel better, because I’m reminded that things aren’t so bleak for me after all.  

We’re all allowed to feel frustrated, angry, negative, [insert emotion here], but it’s helpful to remember the good things too, no matter how big or how small. Those good things can really brighten your mood, and make the bad stuff seem smaller and less powerful.

Even better, science says gratitude is good for your health and it can motivate us to become better people.

But wait, there’s more?! Yes! A life full of gratitude can also lead to higher levels of happiness. Couldn’t we all use a little more happiness in our world? When you’re happy, your outlook on life becomes more optimistic, and this can have a truly positive impact in key areas of your life, including your relationships, emotions, career and health.   

Your happiness is likely to rub off on others too! Because happiness can have a ripple effect in your social groups, it’s important to stay positive when interacting with friends, family members and coworkers, in order to build stronger connections, and therefore better relationships with the people you see most often.

So, how do you actually sustain this happy place full of gratitude and positivity? It’s different for everyone, but I’ve found that taking the time to care for myself, doing something that brings me joy, surrounding myself with positive people, and of course, following my mom’s recurring advice to be grateful and count my blessings certainly helps!  

As Thanksgiving approaches, many of us start to think about and acknowledge what we’re grateful for. However, not all of us celebrate Thanksgiving, and in light of all the positive benefits associated with practicing gratitude, it’s important to do so as often as possible.

At Print the Love, we’re grateful that we have the ability and support to spread love and kindness across the globe, through the simple gift of an instant photograph.

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By Sarah Justine Fowler